Script Development Lab I - Story Development

Designed for the aspiring writer and filmmaker. Students work on the initial draft of their script and are guided through the core component of story development including: story structure, character development, and dialogue.


Script Development Lab I is an 8-Week Comprehensive fundamental  Screenwriting course that will cover story structure, dialogue breakdowns, camera angles and everything in-between.

No longer do we live in a world, which requires a large budget and insider connections to complete a movie.  In Script Development Lab I, you will acquire the tools necessary to bring your script to its most basic level before preparing for production.  Each week different instructors will help you through the process of better understanding the fundamental elements that create a good story as well as begin to unwind the technical tools available to you that will help you write stories that can actually be produced in this day and age. 



Those who wish to continue into a more advanced and individualized analysis of these topics will move onto Script Development II.  The second series of the Script Development Lab will help students develop their scripts (web series, original series pilot, short screenplay) and give students the opportunity to work with professional producers that help them with theme, character and story structure. Students will workshop their screenplays along to the point where it becomes production ready. 




Once the script has made its way through the script development process it becomes eligible for consideration to move into actual production in the Production Lab I.  In this program, students will gain hands on experience in pre-production from fundraising to storyboarding. 



In Production Lab II, students will have the opportunity to have their films produced for the big screen.  Professional crews from Washington state will work the student to create a quality film out of their original screenplay.  Students films that have been through our Production Lab have gone on to play in over 25 film festivals around the world and have received distribution on various pay for play platforms. 


This is an ongoing program that cycles through on a quarter basis.  


Brian McDonald  - Story Structure

Brian McDonald is a screenwriter, director, teacher and author. Brian has taught writing at Pixar, Disney and Industrial Light and Magic since 2006 and as has been a story consultant at the University of Washington since 2003. 

Emily Zulauf - Character Development

Emily started with Pixar in 2008. She worked as the Creative Development Associate matching writers with directors and most recently was the script supervisor on the award winning film "Inside Out".

Diana Dotter

Diana Dotter, Executive Director of TheFilmSchool is a 15 year industry veteran and film producer. Diana Co-Produced the feature film: “Zaytoun”, which was chosen for Special Presentation at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival, screened at London Film Festival and AFI and recently Executive Produced two short films “Signs Everywhere” and “El Camino Solo”, that collectively played in over 20 film festivals around the world.  She is currently producing a documentary titled “The Mystery of Mount Rainier” for PBS/KCTS9, which will be aired in April 2016.

February 27th - April 16th

Saturdays: 11am -5:00pm


February 27 - Week 1  

Story Structure with Brian McDonald 

Log Line & Synopsis Review


March 5 - Week 2 

Translating the Script to the Screen - The Camera as a Character



1st Draft of Screenplay Due


March 12 - Week 3 

Translating the Script to the Screen - The Camera as a Character 

Joseph Assi




March 19- Week 4  

Story & Armature with Brian McDonald

2nd Draft of Screenplay Due


March 26 - Week 5

Live Script Readings with Actors - Writer Directs

Brian McDonald & Diana Dotter


April 2 - Week 6

 Character Development with Emily Zulauf


April 9 - Week 7

Visual Storytelling - Creating compelling images that tell the story

Brian McDonald


April 16 - Week 8 - 

Pitching and producing your script

Diana Dotter & Stacey Adams


*Instructors subject to change based upon availability. 

Dates of course
Feb 27 - Apr 16
Application deadline
Feb 27
Tuition assistance
16101 Greenwood Ave N, Shoreline, WA 98133

Shoreline Community College
16101 Greenwood Ave N, Shoreline, WA 98133