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So, you want to write a movie?

At TheFilmSchool, we’re dedicated to getting you all the tools you need to start, finish, and sell a screenplay.

We offer dozens of courses and seminars throughout the year in evolving topics such as structure, character, comedy, pitching, and more.

Our three-week Screenwriter’s Intensive attracts writers from across the world, and our Speaker Series draws award-winning filmmakers such as Sydney Pollack (OUT OF AFRICA) and Mark Heyman (BLACK SWAN) to speak directly to you about their experiences.

Our alumni have achieved incredible success in selling and optioning screenplays to major studios, in gaining distribution through traditional and digital channels, and in securing entry into the best festivals including Sundance, Cannes, Tribeca and SXSW.

Many have also won major awards (including BAFTAs) and have earned competitive fellowships.

All levels of experience are welcome. Come and taste the Pacific Northwest’s thriving artistic culture!

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